Happy Valentine’s Day

To Do: Wake up at 8am, straighten the house, turn on Eric Dolphy, make Matt a sausage breakfast, walk downtown to the farmer’s market but surprise Matt on the way with a trip to American Apparel where I buy him a new jacket.  Spend the day walking around, talking about films and eating potato latkes. Suggest dinner at Two Bells Burgers. Return home, where a six-pack of Inversion IPA is waiting. Watch Transporter 2. 

Actually Did: Woke up at 10am, hungover. Forgot about two-hour yoga. Sprinted to two-hour yoga. Came home to blueberry-banana wheat pancakes with goat cheese and homemade jam. Received back massage. Received 10 pass for more yoga.  Drove around looking at eco-houses all day. Ate burritos on the way home. Drank wine. Did plyometrics to Black Sabbath together.  Read the Very Persistent Gappers of Frip together.  Went to sleep.

Submitted By: T.J. (B?)

Score: 10.  There isn’t a single instance where you stay on task.  You are my hero!

This was the best posting I ever did tag.  Ever.  (via thecia)

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Better Off Unread?

Today I decided to make a productive visit to my local library to research topics related to my line of work (which, you may have guessed, is not blogging). Then I got distracted.

Buried in the magazine stacks I was delighted to find a publication that maybe, just maybe, has fewer readers than this blog: Public Utilities Fortnightly!! This discovery was so energizing that I decided to redirect and focus entirely on finding publications that my week-old blog might trump in readership.  The following is my short list:

1.  Underground Construction.

2.  Southern Funeral Director. “The only family owned commercial publication with editorial that appeals to funeral, cemetery and cremation professionals”.  Who live in the South.

3.  Fleet Owner. Covers drivetrain relief, idling alternatives, and other subject matter related to managers of commercial trucking fleets.

4.  Budgerigar World.

5.  The Trapper and Predator Caller. I know more people care about trapping than care about this blog.  I only take issue with the “predator calling” part.

6.  Going Bonkers. A humor magazine for people who are losing their minds!  Hilarious!

7.  Linux Journal. This is for you, Linux.

8.  A Bear’s Life.

9.  Parking. The premier publication of the parking industry.  If you need further proof that these people are thieves, consider the fact that I.D. was discontinued and Parking was not.

10.  Onion World.

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Happy Birthday to Bejeweled!  You are a true enabler of funPRODUCTIVITY.  Lord knows how many countless hours were lost to those drowning in your endless stream of positive reinforcement.

Their loss in productivity is our gain in hand-eye coordination.  Awwwwwwesome. (via PS3informer)

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funPRODUCT: Foot Mops

Something to think about.  (via Island Girl Designs)

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To Do: Grown up stuff

A little over a year ago I was in Japan visiting my dad when I came across a DVD featuring the most amazing Goldberg machines. I didn’t know what the DVD was called at the time, but at the end of every chain reaction there was this voice-over with children doing a sing-song “Pi-ta-go-ra Swee-tchy” chant. So that’s what I called it.

Today I decided to surf the internet and find out more about these phenomenal chain reaction contraptions. Turns out, they are made by children! Really! I think:

Amazing, right? In case you’re wondering, there is a backstory relevant to this blog’s theme. See, after watching and rewatching my DVD last year, I had the idea that I could make a Pitagora Sweetchy thingy, too:

Actually Did: made jankiest Goldberg machine ever.

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Reader Appreciation - Linux Edition

I would like to take a moment to recognize our lone reader using the Linux operating system. Friend, while the rest of the world is zigging, you are heroically zagging. We (Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman, Werner Herzog and myself) salute you. The following video is posted in your honor:

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You make me sick.

To Do: 8 am-Go to work; 5:30 pm-hit up the gym for yoga class; 7:30 pm-rule student week on Jeopardy.

Actually Did: 6:30 am-texted in sick to work; 10:30 am-got out of bed and had chicken soup and a whole jug of OJ for breakfast; 11 am-watched the Ellen Degeneres show, followed by 3 hours of Project Runway, followed by 3 hours of 30 Rock; 7:30 pm-ruled at student week on Jeopardy; 9 pm-with help of a Maglite and the Monoject 412 successfully removed three huge throat globbies.

Submitted by: D.C.

Score: 10, because I gagged a little while typing this post.

The Monoject 412: not just for hobby crafts. (via Hobbico)

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Trader Giotto saves the day.

To Do: go to Metropolitan Market and buy vegetables, make a delicious chicken dinner with mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli and french bread, take dog on 2 mile walk, brush dog’s teeth (February is pet dental health month), call dad back, vacuum the grossness upstairs, send Meredith a birthday card.

Actually Did: went to Trader Joe’s and bought some frozen pizzas and dried mango slices, told the husband I wanted pizza and he heated it up, called my dad, watched the final episode of Dollhouse and was disappointed, took another shower.

Submitted by: K.M.

Score: 9, because Trader Joe’s isn’t Domino’s.

If this seems like too much work, clean yourself instead. (via New England Aquarium)

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LSD No-No = Yes-Yes?

Sometimes funproductivity goes horribly right. Like in the case of vintage MLB star Dock Ellis’ infamous no-hitter. His antics have been beautifully animated by James Blagden in the following video:

In the event that your parents have not already done so, we would like to remind all of you that the seventies were a different time. Which is to say, you will not be so lucky. (via No Mas)

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IT takes gold.

TO DO: update intranet files, backup website to new server, create new emergency notice, add job to employment page.

ACTUALLY DID: office olympics parallel bars competition.

Submitted by: Scott K.

SCORE: 8, because you are a) still physically at work and b) exercising.

Photo by Mike M.
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